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2015 posed a year of challenges for oil Industry and countries around the world.

Fortunately for us our proven style of management withstood all the challenges posed by the steep oil price oil drop. So when am asked the question of how we are dealing with the drop in oil prices?,

I always respond, am happy because manufacturing industries will increase their production and  people will consume more  because oil is cheaper as well as developing countries can spend more money  from the savings  they are making from  oil imports for development projects for its  people.

And since our major markets are in developing countries, everything played to our advantage.

Despite the challenges, all our plans and projects stayed on track even though we have experienced delays in our groundbreaking for our energy city project but our staff and technical team has been resolute and stayed the course.

We are glad to announce we are in the process of moving our Global Trading Head office to Singapore for the Q2 of 2016 as our trading network in Asia has been strengthened due to the expansion of our supply base in Middle East, Africa and South America.

Our Upstream activities continues unshaken due to the strategic policy we implementedc2 years ago to acquire low hanging assets and we continue to pursue this path despite oil prices falling below the $40 per barrel.

Our flagship project, ENERGY CITY, will continue with full steam in Q1 2016 and will see the ground breaking taking place in Q1-Q2 2016

We cannot achieve our resilient and goal of this challenging 2015 without the special support of our staff and also cooperation and understanding our Two project Managers for energy city;  Aurecon PTY Australia and Mott Mcdonald UK. On behalf of our company we will express our gratitude those institutions mentioned above and look forward in continuing our business cooperation into the future.

For Kampac staff, your unflinching support is very much appreciated by the management. 
We look forward to 2016 with excitement.

Charles Ampofo


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